Our Story

Fulfillment of Passion, Culmination of Joy.


     Telah's Cozy Cookies was derived from the desire to achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle, one that would allow for the fulfillment of a passion and the culmination of joy.  In late 2012 the brainstorming and searching began, as we took ourselves to thinking of things that captured our imaginations and hearts for which we could share with others.

     It wasn't long until we began recalling memories of standing at the local bakery, looking in awe at the different creations behind the glass, each of which would invoke all the senses and imagination you might expect for a young child.

     The shiny icing of the favorite character of the day, the fresh sweet aroma that filled the room and drove a mouth watering anticipation,  the firmness of each bite that was just right, the smiling baker on a sunny Saturday morning, all culminating to create an experience that would endure for a lifetime.

     It is our hope that we can share this experience with each and every customer through our products.  It is our purpose to serve each and everyone one in such a way that one day they too can recall such fond and enduring memories.

     Why do we describe our cookies as “Cozy”?  The definition of cozy is as follows:  enjoying or affording warmth and ease; marked by or providing contentment or comfort; marked by the intimacy of the family or a close group.

     It is our desire to create cookies for you that will leave you with this “cozy” feeling.  As a busy mom, I understand how important it is to go that extra mile when it comes to your child.  But too often, we run out of time and can't bake those special treats for the school function, the birthday party or simply to say “I love you” in a special way.  That's where I come in.  I will make the perfect ensemble of “Cozy Cookies” that are sure to please all while providing you with that sense of “warmth and ease”.

Member of the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce